2. Wonderful post from author Cecy Robson about her recent camping trip - The Perils of Camping – Pass the Corndogs Plz http://www.romanceatrandom.com/the-perils-of-camping-pass-the-corndogs-please/#.U11QEtpNdZc.twitter


  3. now 99c! Pleasing a Pirate is on sale for a short time - check it out here http://www.randomhouse.com/book/233800/pleasing-the-pirate-by-sharon-cullen


  4. OMG - you have to read/watch this - the gifs are amazing!!


  5. Teaser & Cover Reveal - Broken by Lauren Layne ~ If you have ever, EVER wondered what my perfect preference of storyline would be … here it is:
    A girl with secrets —- a guy with scars — and a love that could save or destroy them both.

    One word: Intense.

    And, a fabulous cover at that!!

    Happy Romance!

    ** Teaser Reveal!**

    Olivia squirms. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “I’ve never known a female to acquiesce that easily without a catch. How about you hit me with it now and get it over with?”

    Olivia shrugs. “Fine. I was going to say that I won’t run alone, if you promise to go with me.”

    “No,” I say, almost before she’s finished her sentence.

    “Why not?”

    I rap my cane once against the ground. “Well, for starters, despite the fact that there are tortoises that could surpass your sorry excuse for a jog, I’m in no shape to accompany even the most pathetic of runners.”

    “What a handy skill you have of overloading a sentence with insults,” she says as she reaches up to adjust her ponytail. “That must be helpful what with your thriving social life and all.”

    I thump my cane against the ground again, studying her. “Must be nice, picking on the cripple.”

    Olivia rolls her eyes. “Please. Your soul’s more crippled than your leg.”

    She has no idea how right she is, and I have no intention of letting her anywhere close enough to find out. I’ve gotten good at shutting people out by pushing them away … being as nasty as possible until they reach their breaking point. But with her? It’s different.


  6. Lover’s Day is Today! Anything that celebrates lovers gets my vote!! But it sounded a smidge made up… . http://www.romanceatrandom.com/lovers-day-is-today-wheres-your-lover/#.U1fBygRC9Xw.twitter


  7. A Wild New Romance Series from Tina Wainscott — awesome review from Everyday Ebook!!


  8. Happy Happy Happy Release Day to Lauren Layne and Sex, Love and Stiletto’s — Lauren is guest-posting on Romance at Random dot com - “When Story-Tropes Collide: Best-Friends-To-Lovers Meets Brother’s-Best-Friend” + Giveaway

    Stop on by & good luck, I hope you win!!


  9. Bronwen Evans talks about royalty visiting her country, New Zealand! Plus, it’s release day for A Promise of More - and we have a giveaway - enter to win here! http://www.romanceatrandom.com/my-prince-charming-is-in-new-zealand/

    So, which of Kate’s outfits do you like best? I’m loving the red coat and gold buttons, very classy!!


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